Edu Tree Learning Centre
Tell me and I'll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I'll understand.

Are you stressed to improve your grades?

Not working smart enough? Not enough notes? Little time left to exams? Etc…etc…etc…

Are these questions going through your mind? Whether you are a parent or student who is reading this, WELCOME to Edu Tree Learning Center (ETLC). Students these days are stressed enough trying to make sense of What to study, How to study and How to Ace in exams!

How ETLC can help you

If you're looking for tutors who are experienced and dedicated in giving you the effective help you need in improving your grades and helping with exam stress, give us a call.

Experience and Dedication

Josephine Lee, principal of ETLC and an ex-teacher who has more than 17 years of teaching students of different backgrounds have successfully helped students improve significantly in their grades and aced in exams. A specialist in Math, Chemistry and Physics, Josephine's many years of dedication and expertise in helping students overcome their fears and obstacles, has resulted in much improved grades from 'Fs' to 'Bs', 'Ds' to 'As', to the satisfaction of many happy students and parents.

Her selection of teachers, from current and former school, also come from similar backgrounds, experiences and dedication in teaching and helping students to focus on the right concepts and materials.

Customised Class Schedules

At ETLC, we also customise our schedules and timings to cater to our students' busy school schedules. We maintain small groups of minimum 2 students to a maximum 6 to ensure that every students receive the optimum coaching from our teachers. For students who require personal attention, individual one-to-one lessons are also available.

ETLC's belief

Every child needs to be given the opportunity to realise his/her ability to attain a level of achievement that he never dreamed he/she was capable of.

About Us

Edu Tree Learning Center specialises in helping students preparing for their 'O', 'A', IP and IB exams. Our teachers are graduates, MOE-trained and have experience of more than 17 years teaching in leading schools.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedication and experience in teaching students of many years have helped students improve by at least 2–3 grades. We do not just help 'A' students. We are committed to helping EVERY student who requires our services.

Specialist Subjects


  • Additional Mathematics,
  • Elementary Mathematics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics,
  • Biology


  • Economics,
  • Social Studies


  • English



"Tell me and I forget,
teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn."
Cliche as it sounds, it holds water.

Josephine has been a great friend and mentor to me in the past 10 years that I have known her. From my foundation years, she has been enthusiastic and diligent in addressing my needs, and has been carefully modifying them as I progressed so that I benefited most from her tutorials. While most tutors teach from a textbook or past year papers, I was impressed in retrospect byher ability to forge past the basics and teach me how to integrate mathematical concepts – a skill set that is timeless and always applicable.

A student will eventually have to do most of his learning on his own. The fundamental tenet of tuition, therefore, it not to prepare for the next milestone, but for the final and most important milestone – independent learning in the long road of life, and Josephine has been pivotal in my growth as both a student and a person.

RI, NUS Medical student year 5 ~ Tan Yi Yuan

Josephine is a tutor that goes way beyond what is expected of her. She is able to help students understand difficult concepts through simple yet detailed explanations, and also enable students to develop the required examination techniques to score for tests.

Being her students for almost 3 years by now, it is extremely clear that imparting knowledge to score for exams is not the only focus of her tutor age. Josephine not only brought my A.Math gradesin secondary school from an F9 to A1 within one and a half years, but also taught me invaluable life skills and discipline that are beneficial to me.

PLMGS, SOTA student year 2 ~ Charmaine Teo

My parents engaged Ms Josephine Lee to tutor me when I was having difficulty grasping mathematics and science concepts in Secondary One. Under Ms Lee's tutelage, my mathematics and science grades saw great improvement. With much dedication, skill and patience, she helped me to understand, integrate and apply concepts. Whenever I did not understand something, she would try explaining it to me in a different way and this would go on until I understood it fully. She also made me do questions each time she taught something new to check on my understanding. She did all she could to help me in my learning, always bringing me more notes to read and questions to try. I always found her lessons enjoyable and engaging, for her energy and enthusiasm was infectious. Over the years, Not only was Ms Lee my teacher, she also grew to become a caring friend and beloved mentor. For her, I hold nothing but the deepest gratitude and respect.

RGS, RI, NUS Medical student year 1 ~ Gan Wen Ying

I enrolled under Josephine Lee’s tutelage when I was having difficulty passing A.Math tests. My Chemistry and Physics grades were also barely making the mark with mostly Bs and Cs. Under Ms Lee’s guidance, I felt myself learning more and improving with each session as she clarified many of my doubts. Ms Lee’s caring and easy-going nature made it easier for me to open up to her and interact comfortably with her. Much to my surprise, I actually began to enjoy the weekly lessons, an astounding change from feeling the usual dread for other tution sessions.

Ms Lee is more than just a tutor to me as she offers advice for me to cope with schoolwork and the occasional overwhelming stress that comes with it. I am very thankful for Ms Lee’s notes which are concise and easy to understand. They are certainly useful for revision right before tests and exams. I am grateful that Ms Lee schedules additional lessons for me before major examinations to ensure that I am well prepared.

Thanks to Ms Lee, I managed to achieve A1s in my O Level examinations for Elementary Math, Additional Math, Chemistry and Physics!

Cedar Girls' School, RI ~ Lim Neng Fang


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